note taking and
file storage

 Store files and information in timelines
JemDrive's timelines are like diaries - each timeline is a single chronological account of some aspect of your life. Saving your data in timelines keeps your data organized and easy to access. See it in action in our tutorial on editing timelines.

 Sync across devices
JemDrive keeps your data synced between all your devices. So you can add data on the go from your phone, and access it on your computer later when you need it (or vice versa). You can also collaborate on drives with other JemDrive users.
 Encrypt important information
JemDrive allows encrypting individual paragraphs within any note or timeline using the industry standard AES cipher. JemDrive never transmits your keys off of your device, making your data safer and more secure.
 Privacy first
JemDrive is designed from the ground up to be privacy first. Your data is not mined or monetized in any way.
 Open format
Your notes, files and tags are accessible as human-readable text, inside folders. This format is archive- and backup- friendly, and your data is guaranteed to remain accessible in years to come, even without the JemDrive app.
 Developer friendly
Under the hood JemDrive uses git to sync your data, and markdown to format your notes. You can self-host on your own git server using our subscription-less offer.