And so starting today, after months of hard work, JemDrive is finally going live! Exciting!

JemDrive is a note-taking and file-storage app that is based on timelines. There’s a video introduction on the main page - check it out!

This very first blog post is a celebration of a milestone reached. Ordinarily there would be a party on my yacht, but due to not owning a yacht we’ll celebrate here. Here’s a toast to JemDrive!

Using JemDrive is like maintaining mini-diaries (timelines) for things you care about: personal, social or professional topics - anything that makes important bits of information flow into your life. Adding information to a timeline is easy, like writing an email: open the app, jot some lines down, pop a screenshot or image in there, on to the next thing. Easy peezy yellow-citrus-fruit-squeezy. It’s a simple practice, and surprisingly effective at keeping your files and information organized. So if it sounds interesting, give it a try!

Coming soon is another blog post with more details about how JemDrive came to be and some of the guiding principles behind it.

Thanks for reading! And if you know someone who may be interested please do share.